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#448300 - Wed Dec 31 2008 11:17 AM Re: Photo-a-day - December 2008
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... but the trick to throw a background out of focus is really in your aperture if you can adjust it on your camera. The lower the f.stop (the number) the more shallow your depth of field (focus).

Jar, use the excellent advise in the post from McShellsie. She is advocating using real know-how in learning the art of photography. Something some of used to do before being lazily seduced by wizardry of modern gadgets!

--McShellsie, I may check into the Sony Alphas. I love my Maxxum 5D but Konica promptly took Minolta off the market (the only type of camera I've preferred for 30 some years)and the repair rights, any new accessories, etc. have been turned over to Sony. Eventually it will become too hard to find or (pricey to replace)any parts for the Konica-Minoltas. (Sigh).

We are also looking into the converters and digital backs for the Mamiya RB67s. (2 1/4 format). Have a beautiful older one with an excellent custom soft focus lens for portraiture we would love to see how it would perform in the modern digital world.

#448301 - Wed Dec 31 2008 12:37 PM Re: Photo-a-day - December 2008
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Yesterday's cliff shot was taken in a north easterly direction. This was taken just 10 minutes later, 500 yards further down the beach, but facing south west and into the sun as I liked the effect on the sand and water. Quite a contrast!

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#448302 - Wed Dec 31 2008 02:17 PM Re: Photo-a-day - December 2008
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Mt Canobolas near Orange.

#448303 - Wed Dec 31 2008 02:24 PM Re: Photo-a-day - December 2008
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Thanks Liz! This is where town meets country in Brookmans Park just north of London.

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#448304 - Wed Dec 31 2008 09:42 PM Re: Photo-a-day - December 2008
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Thanks, deputygary! I was playing around a bit, and liked the result. Love your Jet!
Lovely sunset bhs, and lilyalli, yours looks like it has been sepia toned - gorgeous!

Here's a dry thistle against a snowy background.

#448305 - Thu Jan 01 2009 02:29 PM Re: Photo-a-day - December 2008
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It's the end of December so this thread is now locked. A new thread has been started for January's photos. Thanks to everyone.
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