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#453541 - Sun Jan 04 2009 04:34 AM Happy Dancers!
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I just found this in my mailbox ... and thought it was great fun, so had to share. Dancing is good, yes? A universal language, too, by the looks of it . I think any date can be pulled up that one wishes ~ the date on this particular clip happens to be one the mailer thought might be significant to me. Quite aggravating, really. I can't tell you how many countries I contacted in an effort to alert them that July 22 really really wasn't/isn't all that big a deal . Oh, well ...
What's that old line? "Dance like nobody's watching!" Not a chance. Evidently, everybody's watching everywhere ...

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#453542 - Sun Jan 04 2009 07:33 AM Re: Happy Dancers!
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I have seen that (actually saved it after a friend sent it to me and forgot about it until now), but it was so good to see it again, Gats. Thank you! How can you not smile while watching that?!
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#453543 - Sun Jan 04 2009 09:49 AM Re: Happy Dancers!
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That was absolutely wonderful - thanks so much for sharing it with us - there are some very happy Beagles out there
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#453544 - Sun Jan 04 2009 11:32 AM Re: Happy Dancers!
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Ditto jordandog and Quiz_Beagle! Loved it.
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#453545 - Thu Jan 08 2009 04:00 AM Re: Happy Dancers!
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I have enjoyed the heck out of this since I first found it some time ago. I love the absolute joy the kids have when they are dancing and some of the places he goes amazes me. The fact that he can not only get there but also get complete strangers to dance with him on camera makes me think there might be some hope for humans after all.
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#453546 - Thu Jan 08 2009 08:08 AM Re: Happy Dancers!
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Wooaa, that was great! What an amazing adventure, dancing around the world! That has been the first time that I have seen a picture taken on earth on that site. It is usually an amazing shot of some planet or far-away star. I'm so glad they broke with tradition and posted Matt's video. What a blast he is having, as are the people he meets and who become part of his adventure. Goooooo Matt!!

Thanks so much for posting Gats, awesome clip! And for the reminder to check that site more often!
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#453547 - Thu Jan 08 2009 04:35 PM Re: Happy Dancers!
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Great video! Thanks for the link! for me, it was also moving, not only making me smile.
Thanks again!
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