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#455078 - Fri Sep 11 2009 06:24 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
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That's great news, Jane Glad to hear baby Elliot is doing better.
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#455079 - Sat Sep 12 2009 02:46 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
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Well, today it is sort of good news. The wonderful doctors and nurses are having difficulty getting the right drugs into the drain in Elliot's head - they couldn't find a vein - so, as we speak, he's going for an operation to put a tube in his chest. That will make it easier for them to put the drugs in. He's having the operation at a very well known children's hospital, Alder Hey, and then returning to the other hospital. We just have to keep faith (or keep everything crossed possible, or even both!) that everything will work out. Another update tomorrow
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#455080 - Sat Sep 12 2009 08:27 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
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Oh Jane, I'm so sorry to hear Elliot is having a bit of trouble. Rest assured, that "thingy" they are putting in will make a huge difference. My husband has one (they call his a port) in his chest for infusions. That has made it so very much easier to administer medicines. I'm sure it will help Elliot, too.
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#455081 - Sat Sep 12 2009 11:29 PM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
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Hope todays news is good Jane. Thinking of Elliot and the rest of your family during this difficult time.
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#455082 - Sun Sep 13 2009 03:33 AM Re: Good Night & Good Morning/Hi & Low of Day/Week
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I have to say that I have never been happy about the 'catch all' thread abut highs and lows, I would much prefer a new thread for each person and event, start multiple threads each day if needs be. It is much easier to respond to a single thread than trawl through a lenthy thread. The moderators were not consulted about having a catch all thread and would have vetoed it from the start.

I will close down the long thread and let us try going back to the way it was in here, lots of new threads each day.
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