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#461191 - Sat Feb 28 2009 04:02 AM UK/US word comparison quiz
KrivoyRog Offline

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Thought you may enjoy this.........
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#461192 - Sat Feb 28 2009 05:23 AM Re: UK/US word comparison quiz
ren33 Offline

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It was good but I didnt have enough time!~
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#461193 - Sat Feb 28 2009 05:03 PM Re: UK/US word comparison quiz
Copago Offline

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The phone rang with a minute nd a half left to go LOL so in the time I had 30 out of 46 right. Would have been a couple more if I could spell zucchini and galoshes.

Couple I had never heard of .. crane fly, molasses for treacle , and the whole cotton candy/ candy floss thingy ... we call it fairy floss here.

#461194 - Sat Feb 28 2009 09:44 PM Re: UK/US word comparison quiz
MadMags Offline
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39 for me. I went blank for trainers, put everything but the right word, lol. Ditto for the fairycake. Fun game, thanks!
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#461195 - Mon Jun 01 2009 01:40 PM Re: UK/US word comparison quiz
Jon53 Offline

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40 for me

#461196 - Thu Nov 05 2009 12:55 PM Re: UK/US word comparison quiz
Dotb Offline

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I couldn't believe I forgot what candyfloss was as I was only talking to someone about that last week!

#461197 - Wed Nov 18 2009 09:13 PM Re: UK/US word comparison quiz
tezza1551 Offline

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Some of the things in the UK list, I wasn't sure about.. but then my first language is Australian !
Got 33.
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#461198 - Sat Nov 21 2009 02:41 AM Re: UK/US word comparison quiz
Englizzie Offline

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I was inspired to add:

Having to use pork as alternative - Hampstead

A weighty toilet - Luton

Lumber in house - Woodstock

I won't go on, I couldn't sleep.


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