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#461628 - Sat Feb 28 2009 05:44 PM Moderator changes
sue943 Offline

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It is with much regret that I have to announce the forthcoming 'retirement' from moderating by Martin. Martin has been moderating for many years and feels that it is time that he gave it up, or had a rest.

Jill has agreed to return to moderating and will take over the reins in this forum during the next few days.

Martin will of course continue to be around in the forums so we will still have the pleasure of his puns from time to time.
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#461629 - Sat Feb 28 2009 05:50 PM Re: Moderator changes
tellywellies Offline
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Me? Puns? ...never!!
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#461630 - Sat Feb 28 2009 05:59 PM Re: Moderator changes
ren33 Offline

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Welcome Back Jill, your mod skills have been missed.
Martin, what can I say? I don't think there are many of us who have not benefited from your knowledge and expertise in Technology and in Photography. I know I have learnt a lot. Thanks to you for helping me out of my scrapes and putting me on the right road so often in my klutziness in both areas.We will miss you and I echo Sue's hopes that you will still be around, awful puns or not.
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#461631 - Sat Feb 28 2009 06:07 PM Re: Moderator changes
tellywellies Offline
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Yes, I'll still be around. You can't get rid of me that easily!
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#461632 - Sat Feb 28 2009 08:06 PM Re: Moderator changes
deputygary Offline

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Thank you for your excellent work TW (or Martin).

For those of us who don't know everyone's real name, who is Jill?
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#461633 - Sat Feb 28 2009 09:00 PM Re: Moderator changes
Copago Offline

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That's me, Gary

I'm afraid that I don't have the photography nounce that TW does but will try my best. Please shoot ideas at me at any time too.

#461634 - Sun Mar 01 2009 03:01 AM Re: Moderator changes
lady1 Offline
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Farewell TW and thanks for all your help in the past. Glad you will not be leaving us completely.

Welcome back and congratulations Jill.

Ps: Gary, Jill is Jacks friend.
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#461635 - Sun Mar 01 2009 03:09 AM Re: Moderator changes
denni19 Offline

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Shame on you Martin! This is not a piece of news with which I should start my Sunday .
I am really sorry you're leaving but I am glad to hear you'll still be around. And help us more, I hope.

Welcome back Jill!
Thank God for this other piece of news, now my Sunday is sunny again.
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#461636 - Sun Mar 01 2009 07:53 AM Re: Moderator changes
jordandog Offline
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Aw, Martin! Well, at least you will still be around and I can't think of a better person than Jill to come back and fill the place for you. Welcome Miss Mod Copago!
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#461637 - Sun Mar 01 2009 10:22 AM Re: Moderator changes
Roofoo Offline
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Thanks to you both, Martin and Jill, for your work here.

Edited by Roofoo (Sun Mar 01 2009 10:23 AM)
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#461638 - Sun Mar 01 2009 10:49 AM Re: Moderator changes
spanishliz Online   FT-cool
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Thanks for all your hard work, Martin, glad you'll still be around

Jill/Copago, I know you'll do a great job!

#461639 - Sun Mar 01 2009 11:19 AM Re: Moderator changes
JaneMarple Offline
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Thank You for all your hard work Martin and welcome aboard Jill
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#461640 - Sun Mar 01 2009 02:24 PM Re: Moderator changes
Santana2002 Offline
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I echo the other sentiments, TW, you have been a great mod here you'll certainly be missed.

Jill, I'm sure you'll do a great job moderating here!
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#461641 - Sun Mar 01 2009 10:22 PM Re: Moderator changes
veronikkamarrz Offline

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Everyone has said it all. So, ditto from me, TeeDub! You're still the 'go to' guy!

Copago, you will be great, of course!
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#461642 - Sun Mar 01 2009 10:33 PM Re: Moderator changes
ClaraSue Offline
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Late to be checking in, but sorry to see you leaving TW, you've been great! Happy though that you're not leaving completely. Copago, glad to see you here.
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