Hi all --

I'd like to thank everyone for all of your feedback regarding this forum.

It has provided a useful place over the years for quiz authors and editors to come together and discuss topics. We will continue as we always have, allowing it to be an open forum for discussions on anything quiz related. It will be moderated a little more strictly, in accordance with the following rule of respect.

The reason that conflict has been more likely to appear in this forum than anywhere else is that most of those players posting here have put in a lot of TIME and INVESTMENT either writing or editing quizzes. When someone has invested time in something, he/she tends to be more likely to defend it against all perceived slights. We must keep this in mind when posting here. This, by the way, is also the root cause of most editor/author confrontations: Defense of investment & time, against rational co-operation.

The basic rule of this forum is "respect".


The one request I have is that you reply to a thread only if you are SURE of an answer. Incorrect answers in response to questions that have concrete answers help no one. It should be fairly obvious which threads are asking for opinions, and which are asking for specific answers. All misleading posts will be instantly deleted and players who continue to mislead other participants will be prohibited from posting here.

Our editors volunteer their spare time to do what they do, and often have far more important things to do in their lives than post here. Sometimes when they post here they, like regular players, may be having a bad day or may just be frustrated with you.

It is very important that we all understand this and stay away from generalizations such as "editors are unhelpful" or "editors are rude". If you have ever worked cooperatively with our editors to get a quiz online, you ought to know that the absolute OPPOSITE is the reality 99% of the time. Our editors are some of the finest, smartest people you will meet if you take some time to get to know them.

Thank you for replying to threads that you have certain knowledge about, and thank you for participating in threads that encourage and help new authors.


Thank you very much for volunteering your time to help out in this forum. Your contributions allow us to have a site with the wonderful quizzes that we can all enjoy.

Please try to keep level heads when dealing with quiz authors here and try to keep away from generalizations that may upset completely unrelated players. I understand that some posts may have you pulling your hair out, but the best response if you feel your blood pressure rising is to leave the post for someone else. Although it may not seem like it some days, for every poster who makes unhelpful posts there are a dozen who contribute helpfully. Thanks again for taking the time to help players out here.

A productive forum requires everyone's respect for one another.


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