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#470480 - Sun May 03 2009 01:10 AM Photo editing software .. what do you use?
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Flopsymopsy took one of my photos and worked some magic on it using Photoshop. Before and after.

I have just the basic package that came with my computer but it probably does a lot more than I give it credit for .. I tend to crop the photos down then maybe lighten up the pictures a little then adjust the size of them if they are going on photobucket. But looking at the difference that was done on the photo up there I really should do more things to the photos.

So what do you use and do you use it often?
Any recommendations on a good (cheap!) programme?

#470481 - Sun May 03 2009 03:57 AM Re: Photo editing software .. what do you use?
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Wow, that photo looks wonderful!

I mostly use PaintShop Pro, only because I have it on my PC and I can't be bothered buying another program. I don't use it a lot though because for some reason it never occurs to me to work on my photos. I just delete them if they don't look good.

At work, we have Photoshop and I have to admit I don't like it. I bet it's a wonderful program but it has so many options that I get lost in all the buttons and menu options every time I use it.
I do have to do quite a bit of work with pictures (not photos) at work though, and I generally use Irfanview. It's free, it's small, and it's very very useful when you have to do batch jobs!
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