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#472275 - Thu May 21 2009 07:29 AM Advice for new quiz authors
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Many of the points in this advice have been posted before but it bears repeating for authors new to Quizzyland. Some authors (including myself) write each new quiz off-line in a word-processing program (like WORD) and save each one on the computer's hard disk. When you are finished writing it, the completed quiz is copied into Quizzyland's template in one or two days. Consider these advantages:

  • You can easily spell check your quiz in your word-processor before copying it to Quizzyland.

  • Now that quizzes are being archived after one year, you will have a "start date" (the day you open the Quizzyland template) closer to the date your quiz gets online. This will make it much easier and less aggravating to make any corrections for a longer period of time after the quiz gets online (before the quiz is archived).

  • You can easily check to see if you have used that question in a previous quiz, such as quizzes that have multiple generations of a basic theme (for example, Movie Quotes I, Quotes II, Quotes III, etc.). Most word processing programs have a "Find" function that would allow you to quickly check for key words in your previous quizzes to see if you've used that one before.

  • You can work on your quiz if the Internet is temporarily down.

  • You will have a copy of your quiz in case of any Q-land deletion misunderstandings.

Here's how I do it for a multiple-choice quiz (there are probably other ways as well):

When writing the quiz in your word processing program, type all four possible answers on the same line with the correct answer being the first one, separated by several spaces (i.e., don't hit Enter and create a backward paragraph symbol while typing those four answers). After you are satisfied your quiz is finished (in your word processor), open a "New Quiz" Quizzyland template. Now, copy ALL of these elements for the first question together to the clipboard: the question itself and all four possible answers and the Interesting Information. Then paste the whole thing into the Quizzyland template in the question box. Then do a cut and paste of just the four answers (from the question box in the template) into the answer one box. Then do a cut and paste of just three answers from the answer one box (in the template) into the answer two box. Then do a cut and paste of just two answers from the answer two box (in the template) into the answer three box. Then do a cut and paste of just one answer from the answer three box into the answer four box. Finally, cut and paste the Interesting Information paragraph (from the question box in the template) to the Interesting Information box in the Q-land template. SAVE your quiz every two or three questions (in case of a sudden power failure or internet crash). Immediately reopen your quiz and keep doing this procedure for the remaining questions until a copy of all your questions are transferred to the template. Then do a next-to-final SAVE. You can then select the link "See how my quiz will look to players" to see how players will see your quiz. You may wish to sleep on it at this point to see how it looks on a new day. Remember to then select "Ready for editor review" from the drop-down menu in the template and then do a final SAVE.
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#472276 - Thu May 21 2009 12:46 PM Re: Advice for new quiz authors
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Great advice. And I would add keep copies at all stages. If you are asked to change a question, keep a copy of the amendment.
Do it every time - even if you end up with six versions of some questions.
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#472277 - Fri May 22 2009 10:38 AM Re: Advice for new quiz authors
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This is a really good way to do it, root17. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely reformat the four or five quizzes I have in word so that they will work this way and finally get back to them when I have some "free" time.
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