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#476165 - Sun Jun 14 2009 06:45 PM Tetris Turns 25 Years Old
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So have some fun!

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#476166 - Sun Jun 14 2009 08:17 PM Re: Tetris Turns 25 Years Old
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I scored 161,464 points. Almost made level 10 of 15. I can still hit 17+ on the old 8-bit Nintendo Entertainemtn System (NES). The NES game had the two modes, and I can still beat level 9, high 5.
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#976120 - Thu Apr 04 2013 02:00 PM Re: Tetris Turns 25 Years Old
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Ahhh, after posting my embarrassing minesweeper addiction on another thread I see this thread and now confess to my old Tetris habit when I had a Nintendo Gameboy.

My record score was 630000ish (I used to have my best scores written down but lost the piece of paper).

#1059934 - Tue Aug 19 2014 04:27 AM Re: Tetris Turns 25 Years Old
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I was so hooked on the pc version of this game in the 90s. I was the best in our office, my lowest score was so high that my colleagues couldn't even get on the top 20 scoreboard.

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#1059999 - Tue Aug 19 2014 12:58 PM Re: Tetris Turns 25 Years Old
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I remember one of my favorite games growing up was "Tetris Classic" an old PC version of tetris with these beautiful backgrounds depicting the legend of Ruslan and Ludmilla. Now that I do some google-fu on it, apparently it was the second version of Tetris put out by the original coder - Alexei Pajitnov. Never knew that till now.
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