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#488851 - Tue Sep 01 2009 11:56 AM Re: August Trivia Rounds 2009
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Round 28, the University of Minnesota Round, will close in about 23 hours. Plenty of time to get in your answers, new players and veterans welcome.

#488852 - Fri Sep 04 2009 05:45 PM Re: August Trivia Rounds 2009
maninmidohio Offline
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Round 28 - Results

There were 6 excellent players for the University of Minnesota Round. Thanks to all for playing.

1. Please tell me a “ramp” that is available on campus for parking (limit your answers to those with “ramp” in the name.)

For 10 Points:
9th Avenue Ramp, Gortner Avenue Ramp, Oak Street Ramp, and University Avenue Ramp
For 5 Points: 4th Street Ramp (2)
Not Chosen: 21st Avenue Ramp and Washington Avenue Ramp

2. Please give me any of the lines in “Minnesota Rouser.”

The complete lyrics with chosen Lines in Bold:
Minnesotas, Hats off to thee! (3 - 5 points)
To thy colors true we shall be (10 points)
Firm and strong, wunited are we (10 points)
Rah, rah, rah, for Ski-U-Mah,
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!
Rah for the U of M
Minnesota, Minnesota!
Yay, Gophers (10 points)

3. Please tell me the name of one of the Regents of the University of Minnesota who is not an officer on the Board.

For 10 Points:
Richard Beeson, Dallas Bohnsack, Maureen Ramirez, and Patricia Simmons
For 5 Points: Steven Hunter (2)
Not Chosen: anthony Baraga, John Frobenius, Verona Hung, Dean Johnson, and David Larson

4. If one were to enter "the Gopher Way" at Kolthoff Hall, tell me the name of a building that you could reach by only going north, east, or west by tunnel only.

For 10 Points:
Smith Hall, Walter Digital Technology Center, Hohnston Hall, Northrup Memorial Auditorium, Pillsbury Hall, and Williamson Hall
FOr 5 Points: None
Not Chosen: Morrill Hall, Nolte Center, Ball Museum, and Falwell Hall

5. From the Wikipedia article on the Washington Avenue Bridge, please give me one of the factoids from the box in the upper right that I have not already given you in this question.

For 10 Points:
design - Plate girder bridge, Longest Span - 251', Total length - 1130', and Opening date - 1965
For 5 Points: Clearance below - 70' (2)
Among others not used: maintained by - Minnesota Department of Transportation, ID Number - 9360, and Width - Four lanes of traffic

The Results:

With 50 Points: brandz_mygirl and denni19
With 40 Points: PDAZ, Mugaboo, and szabs
With 35 Points: Gatsby722

Hearty congratulations go to our dual winners who also managed to bring in perfect rounds, brandz_mygirl and denni19. A well deserved August Fun Trivia point will be awarded to each. Be sure to return for my next round which will be devoted to the beautiful Twin CIties area of Minnesota.

#488853 - Thu Oct 01 2009 06:58 AM Re: August Trivia Rounds 2009
Gatsby722 Offline
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Here are the results for the month of August (finally!) :

1) Gatsby722
....Mugaboo (all 6 points)
4) denni19
....szabs (both 5 points)
5) brandz_mygirl (4 points)


1) maninmidohio (52 points)
....szabs (52 points)
3) Mugaboo (49 points)
4) brandz_mygirl (47 points)
5) denni19 (46 points)
6) Gatsby722 (42 points)
7) deepakmr (40 points)
8) leelee63 (8 points)
9) deputygary (7 points)
10) PDAZ (4 points)
11) Bikoz
......Tredici (all 2 points each)
15) Chessart
......Watchkeeper (all 1 point)

There you have everything through August, folks. Gotta tie as we begin to approach the year's end, eh? szabs and maninmidohio are nose-to-nose (with Mugaboo just a whisker, or three, behind 'em). And now that it's October? Hopefully September's results will show up here in a little more timely a way. I'm slow ... but ultimately pull through eventually ....

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#488854 - Thu Oct 01 2009 11:22 AM Re: August Trivia Rounds 2009
brandz_mygirl Offline

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Well done to everyone! And congrats to our leaders Szabs and Maninmidohio.

Huge thanks to Gats for putting up the table.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger (Proverbs 15:1)

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