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#567512 - Wed Nov 17 2010 11:31 AM Challenge based on Word Wizard Mini-Game
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In the Gold Member Word Wizard Mini-Game, when you go to the Scoreboard page you see a section headed “Recent Over-Achievers”. This is followed by a list of the 10 most recent words made that were 9 letters or longer.

My challenge to you is to capture that list at any point in time (the list is constantly changing as new words are made and the older words fall off the list). You should then compose those 10 words into a coherent story.

This is not really a chain game because posts will be entirely independent of each other. Lists when posted may even be out of time sequence because it may take people varying amounts of time to put together their story.

This is an example of a posting. In the story I have put in bold the 10 words that came from the over-achievers list.

undudelike - tepidness - 10 points
genoveva - devouring - 10 points
VoodooChile71 - nastiness - 10 points
surdoux - extrusion - 10 points
humbugs - obliterate - 15 points
llkk - debauchee - 10 points
eastridge2014 - interfere - 10 points
Grad56 - guarantee - 10 points
weissmarc - slanderer - 10 points
casey317 - toughened - 10 points

Newspaper publishing is a really tough field. There is no guarantee that anything you publish will not get you accused as a slanderer or even worse a debauchee. It is a field that you have to be toughened in order to survive and not sink down to nastiness. Show a bit of tepidness and the devouring critics will be out to obliterate you immediately. Their extrusion of rhetoric will set out to interfere with you doing your civic duty.

#572321 - Thu Dec 02 2010 08:33 PM Re: Challenge based on Word Wizard Mini-Game
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I found what I was looking for, and moved my question there.

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