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#578189 - Sat Dec 18 2010 06:08 AM Christmas Special!!
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Oyez! Due to a brilliant brainwave by Santana (Toni) we have a Christmas special for the Themed Thread .
Up to Christmas Day itself the theme is "Santa", which in itself is a pretty important subject, I reckon(not wishing to sound greedy of course).
On the 25th December, as it is the First Day of Christnas, you are all asked to post a photo of ONE Christmas thing ( a bauble, a present, a candle, etc(your choice but only one thing.) On 26th you are asked to post TWO things , 2 stars or 2 bows etc etc until 12 things on-yes-on TWELFTH NIGHT>!
I hope this is clear. If you don't understand then ask Toni!
So, the "Paper" thread will remain until Sunday and then we start with Santa, until Saturday when you post a pic of ONE thing, OK? XXX
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#578191 - Sat Dec 18 2010 06:17 AM Re: Christmas Special!!
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YAY! Thanks sara!

Now to cogitate as to where I'm going to find eleven lords a leaping to photograph for you all ... Hope I find handsome ones!!!

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