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#607579 - Tue Mar 22 2011 04:29 AM One for real ale drinkers
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There was a brewers conference attended by brewers from all of the well known breweries around the world. After the conference finished four head brewers from some of the most famous establishments agreed to meet in the hotel bar. The first head brewer walked in and said to the barman 'Give me the King of Beers. The barman passed him a bottle of Bud. The second approached the bar ans said 'Give me the beer that made Milwaukee famous'. The barman gave him a Schlitz. The next one asked for 'The beer that's made from fresh mountain spring water', so he got a Coor's. The fourth brewer, Paddy, walked up to the bar, looked at the other three and ordered a Pepsi. One of the others said 'Paddy, we thought you'd stay true to your drink and order a Guinness'. Paddy replied, 'Well if you three aren't drinking beer, neither will I'.
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#607583 - Tue Mar 22 2011 05:06 AM Re: One for real ale drinkers
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Love it, and hopefully the Americans will, too. smile
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#607850 - Wed Mar 23 2011 01:02 AM Re: One for real ale drinkers
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haha! grin

#607895 - Wed Mar 23 2011 06:04 AM Re: One for real ale drinkers
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Amen to that wink
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#626482 - Wed May 18 2011 08:59 AM Re: One for real ale drinkers
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Yes indeed! Love it!
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#627451 - Sat May 21 2011 11:14 PM Re: One for real ale drinkers
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