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#607911 - Wed Mar 23 2011 08:18 AM Thor, God Of Thunder
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After months of digging in Norway, the archeological team finally uncovered an ancient statue of Thor, god of thunder in Norse mythology. It was a magnificent sight, and there where Thor's eyes would normally be, sat two giant rubies. Well, both archeologists involved in the dig, of international renown, vowed that each would have their name associated with the finding of such giant gems. The argument turned ugly, and soon the two men were at each other, tooth and nail. The fight lasted for hours. When the dust cleared, both archeologists were lying flat in the dirt, unconscious. One worker turned to the other and said, "Well, that was a fight for Thor eyes."

#608688 - Fri Mar 25 2011 10:37 PM Re: Thor, God Of Thunder
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You started it gilly. A team of elves went to climb Mt Everest. They were warned before they left to watch out for the snow king that eats elves. They had almost reached the top when the snow king attacked and ate two of them. The moral being "Snow king is an Elf hazard."


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