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#621936 - Wed May 04 2011 01:37 PM Inquiry regarding interesting info
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When you write some I.I. to back up an answer in one quiz, can you repeat the same I.I. in future quizzes that you write, providing that it's your own work?

I know this probably sounds stupid but I wanted to be sure.
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#621942 - Wed May 04 2011 01:43 PM Re: Inquiry regarding interesting info
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Hmmm, that's an interesting question. I suppose you could use the same INFO, but I would avoid using the same exact wording. Make it sound completely unique. Just as you can't use other people's quiz material, I would think you can't use your own, either. Sometimes you'll come across a quiz where you need the same info you already used, so you need to use the same info.

So, basically, what I'm saying, is... Rewrite it so it is different sounding. Don't use the exact wording. I think you'll be fine. smile

The editors can correct me if I'm wrong, of course. wink
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#621948 - Wed May 04 2011 02:02 PM Re: Inquiry regarding interesting info
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Recycling your own work is still plagiarism. Since the II should refer directly to the question you asked, you shouldn't feel that exactly the same II would be the best you can do for two totally different questions, anyway. Recycle facts, they don't change (if you avoid time-stamped information), but not the whole thing. And if all your II had was a statement of a relevant fact, next time you can try to embellish the information and make it clearly expand on the specific question or answer. Remember, you are not just 'backing up' your answer, you have a chance to educate and/or entertain the players.
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#621975 - Wed May 04 2011 03:23 PM Re: Inquiry regarding interesting info
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We have had authors try just this - copy and pasting the info from an older quiz of theirs to the new one, and we won't allow it. Anyone reasonably inventive should be able to present roughly the same facts with a different approach.

#622304 - Thu May 05 2011 11:29 AM Re: Inquiry regarding interesting info
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Can I use this thread to remind members of what is written in the header of this forum

If you do not know the answer to a question, please leave it for an editor to reply.

It is there for a good reason, some people will read the first reply and assume that it is correct. Unless you are 100% certain of the answer please wait for an editor to reply.

Many thanks.
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