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#62198 - Sat Sep 09 2000 08:32 AM "High Noon" Shootout # 7
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Sorry about missing Friday. Will extend this game till Monday evening at Midnight (FT time). Good Luck! Everybody play and have fun!

This is the seventh "High Noon" shootout game. Anybody can play this game because it is meant to generate interest in the "Shootout" game as well as for everybody to have fun with. Hopefully we will gain new players for the regular Shootout game.

Rules and Play:

Below are 10 multiple choice questions. Email me your answers before midnight (EST) Monday, Sep. 11th. The first person to answer question # 1 correctly will receive 50 points plus 5 points for every question he/she answered correctly. That player will be out of the rotation. Then the same thing will apply for question # 2, and so on until after question # 10. All players who didn't receive the 50 point bonus will receive 5 points for each correct answer. The scores will be posted in the "Shootout" game thread on Sep. 12th. Remember that this is a bonus game and you can gain more points by playing Shootout.

Since this game is multiple choice, try to answer the questions from your own knowledge and not by researching the internet. Anyway, if you take too long researching, others will get into rotation before you cutting down you chances of getting the 50 point bonus. Have fun and don't forget to email me your answers ASAP.

The Questions:

1. Who was Fred Astaire's dancing and singing partner in "Easter Parade"?

A. Ginger Rogers
B. Cyd Charisse
C. Judy Garland
D. Betty Hutton
E. Leslie Caron

2. Comedian Paul Lynde was a regular panelist on this TV game show:

A. Match game
B. Hollywood Squares
C. What's My Line
D. I've got a secret
E. To Tell The Truth

3. Which country is not considered a Kingdom?

A. Belgium
B. Denmark
C. Monaco
D. Saudi Arabia
E. Sweden

4. In which movie does Steve Martin have to share his body with Lily Tomlin:

A. The man with two brains
B. The Lonely Guy
C. L.A. Story
D. Innerspace
E. All of Me

5. "Tin Men", "Always" and "Nuts" are all films starring this actor:

A. Robert Duvall
B. Alan Alda
C. Richard Dreyfuss
D. John Goodman
E. Danny Devito

6. Steven Bochco was a creator of both " L.A. Law" and:

A. Simon and Simon
B. Hill Street Blues
C. Life Goes On
D. Cagney and Lacey
E. Law and Order

7. Which performer received a gold single for the song "Daniel" in 1973?

A. Billy Joel
B. Michael Jackson
C. Paul Simon
D. Neil Diamond
E. Elton John

8. Flavorer with almonds, raisons and orange peel, what is glogg?

A. Chewy dessert
B. Duck sauce
C. Hot punch
D. Hangover antidote
E. Fish stew

9. Which was the only major leauge baseball team to win two World Series in the 1980's?

A. St. Louis Cardinals
B. KC Royals
C. NY Yankees
D. Oakland A's
E. Los Angelas Dodgers

10. In which country will you find the Dinaric Alps?

A. Poland
B. Belgium
C. Croatia
D. Bulgaria
E. Slovakia

Well players, there you have it. Email your answers to me ASAP.

Good luck!

You may post in this thread questions or comments about this game or Shootout.

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#62199 - Mon Sep 11 2000 01:53 PM Re: "High Noon" Shootout # 7
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Registered: Tue Jan 04 2000
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You still have til midnight tonight tonight to play this game. If you haven't played yet. do so and have fun.
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#62200 - Mon Sep 11 2000 10:20 PM Re: "High Noon" Shootout # 7
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Do you wanna try to explain the 25 point bonus for the high noon?
I understand the scoring, except the 25 bonus part.


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