This is the eighth "High Noon" shootout game. Anybody can play this game because it is meant to generate interest in the "Shootout" game as well as for everybody to have fun with. Hopefully we will gain new players for the regular Shootout game.

Rules and Play:

Below are 10 multiple choice questions. Email me your answers before midnight (EST) Sunday, Sep. 17th. The first person to answer question # 1 correctly will receive 50 points plus 5 points for every question he/she answered correctly. That player will be out of the rotation. Then the same thing will apply for question # 2, and so on until after question # 10. All players who didn't receive the 50 point bonus will receive 5 points for each correct answer. The scores will be posted in the "Shootout" game thread on Sep. 12th. Remember that this is a bonus game and you can gain more points by playing Shootout.

Since this game is multiple choice, try to answer the questions from your own knowledge and not by researching the internet. Anyway, if you take too long researching, others will get into rotation before you cutting down you chances of getting the 50 point bonus. Have fun and don't forget to email me your answers ASAP.

The Questions:

1. In what form did G.I. Joe first appear?

A. TV character
B. Doll
C. Action-book author
D. Comic strip
E. Comedy routine

2. What sauce do you make by adding white wine, vinegar and carragon to hollandaise?

A. Lyonnaise
B. Bordelaise
C. Veloute
D. Mornay
E. Bernaise

3. Which "family" band has no members who are related to each other?

A. Beach Boys
B. Ramones
C. Isley Brothers
D. Bee Gees
E. Cowsills

4. The Hittite empire flourished in this area:

A. Asia Minor
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Tibet
D. India
E. Iberian Peninsula

5. " A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is said by which character?

A. Juliet
B. Lady MacBeth
C. Hamlet
D. Richard III
E. Othello

6. In which type of restaurant would you order soba noodles?

A. Itallian
B. Japanese
C. Chinese
D. French
E. Cuban

7. This is Evelyn Waugh's biting satire on American life and Hollywood mortuaries:

A. Of Human Bondage
B. Naked lunch
C. The Day of the Locust
D. The Loved One
E. The Silver Screen

8. Wilhelm Konrad von Roentgen is best know as the discoverer of:

A. Pluto
B. The atom
C. X rays
D. Quantum mechanics
E. Vitamin D

9. Author George Sand had a notorious affair with which great composer?

A. Brahms
B. Chopin
C. Stravinski
D. Rachmaninoff
E. Schubert

10. Which statement about the basking shark is false?

A. A.K.A. "dogfish"
B. 2nd largest fish
C. Eats plankton
D. Prefers temperate seas
E. Prized for it's liver oil.

Well players, there you have it. Email your answers to me ASAP.

Good luck!

You may post in this thread questions or comments about this game or Shootout.

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