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#655284 - Wed Sep 21 2011 04:01 AM Re: Results & Standings .. World Cricket
rossian Offline

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Well done N-Bomb and the other podium finishers. I'm happy enough with my mid table position, even if I'm still kicking myself for not picking Herath for the last match. I certainly plan to try again to obtain that elusive HOF. Thanks for running the competition, Srini.
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#655286 - Wed Sep 21 2011 04:04 AM Re: Results & Standings .. World Cricket
Sypher Offline

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I'm happy with that result...2 years and 2 podium finishes !! Congrats to all and thanks srini for a well run comp !!
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#655287 - Wed Sep 21 2011 04:09 AM Re: Results & Standings .. World Cricket
ozzz2002 Online   FT-cool

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I'll be back, if only to entertain everyone. smile

Congrats to the three fellas up at the top of the table and also to the fella who did all the hard work.
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#655318 - Wed Sep 21 2011 08:26 AM Re: Results & Standings .. World Cricket
DanielPoulson Offline

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Thank you so much, it's been a pleasure and congratulations to our podium smile
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#655411 - Wed Sep 21 2011 02:39 PM Re: Results & Standings .. World Cricket
LeoDaVinci Offline

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Wow, I swear, I know nothing about cricket except that apparently Donald Bradman was the greatest player to play the game and that Pakistan fixes matches. smile It's been a blast, but chalk it up to beginner's luck. Thanks srini for tallying this up, and congratulations to the other two podium placers.
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