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#627761 - Mon May 23 2011 11:36 AM Already asked questions
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After submitting a quiz recently, I was informed by the reviewer that I needed to check whether similar questions had already been asked. They gave me the directions on how to check, but I accidently deleted the instructions. I need to check again. Can someone post the directions on how to search for questions?

#627770 - Mon May 23 2011 12:44 PM Re: Already asked questions
LadyCaitriona Offline
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The instructions have not been deleted from the quiz, just from your inbox when you marked the Correction Note as corrected. If you go to your quiz list (under Me > My Quizzes: Edit) find the quiz in the list and click beneath it where it says "Notes", you can review the note from the editor there.

The editor suggested that you Google search your question and the word FunTrivia to see if it has been asked already on the site.
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#627804 - Mon May 23 2011 02:15 PM Re: Already asked questions
GuruOfTrivia Offline

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Adding on to what LadyCaitriona said:

When using Google, instead of just including the word funtrivia in your search, include

That will limit results to
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#627897 - Mon May 23 2011 05:12 PM Re: Already asked questions
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GuruOfTrivia is right. Sorry I didn't answer your question earlier, debodun- very busy weekend!
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#628643 - Wed May 25 2011 07:28 PM Re: Already asked questions
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I'm going to post here because maybe this question has already been answered.

If a quiz question has the use of the word "not", does it have to be capitalized?

Here's a question I'll make up:

Which of these players has not won National League Rookie of the Year?

A. Jackie Robinson B. Ryne Sandberg C. Jerome Walton D. Kerry Wood

Should the use of the word "not" be in all caps?

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#628695 - Wed May 25 2011 11:33 PM Re: Already asked questions
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There is no such requirement. Some writers and editors prefer to just leave the word plain, some write it as NOT, some choose to make it stand out as *not*. It doesn't even have to be spelled out - a contraction such as isn't is also acceptable. I personally make it NOT because I got tired of handling correction notes from players who hadn't seen the word as they raced through the question, but it's a personal choice. As an editor, I encourage authors to make their negatives stand out for the same reason.
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#628732 - Thu May 26 2011 06:06 AM Re: Already asked questions
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I also like it capitalized, but it's not required. You want to make life easy for your players, not set little traps for them.


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