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#63218 - Fri Oct 27 2000 06:03 PM Re: Snake Talk - Game 45 - Trick or Treat !!
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#63219 - Fri Oct 27 2000 06:28 PM Re: Snake Talk - Game 45 - Trick or Treat !!
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LOL BagLady! Yes, I know it was meant to be humorous, I just didn´t have a clue as to what it meant. By the sounds of it, Cohalen was even more confused by it than I! LMAO

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#63220 - Fri Oct 27 2000 11:49 PM Re: Snake Talk - Game 45 - Trick or Treat !!
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I don't know if this will be seen as a Trick or a Treat, but this is a little story made up of the responses (so far) in this weeks snake game. Hope you all enjoy it:

Halloween Reverberations!
An Eerie Atmosphere!

Cast the Runemaster's Runestones! A Samhain Ritual begins!

It’s enough to give FRIGHTENED SAMHAINOPHOBICS Necrophobia!
And This year, Superstitious triskaidekaphobics (or Superstitious Paraskevidekatriaphobia, for that matter) have their hands full.
A Friday the 13th in October does not bode well for them!

Halloween! A time for Necromantical communications; a Satanic incantation; Sacrificial Offerings? Or Religious Remembrance;

Salem, Massachusetts!
Appearing tonight!
Bob Seger & The “silver bullet” Band...can’t stop the Werewolf.
(Werewolf? There Wolf!) Lycanthropes Howling! Screeching Banshees!
TELEKINETIC EXPERIENCES! Halloween Concerts in Rock-tober!

For most, Halloween is a time for Grizzly decorating and parties and preparations for trick or treating. Kids dressed up like
YOSEMITE SAM and Anakin Skywalker; running amok thru their neighborhoods in SUPERHERO COSTUMES or an
Extraterrestrial outfit. Adults dressed like Morticia Addams in Shackles or a Transylvanian Transvestite with an enormous
Schwannstucker looking to give someone an EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION! It’s enough to give anybody Nighttime
Nightmares! (The best time to have them, too!)

YOUTHFUL EXUBERANCE ! It used to be that all the apple-bobbing, Necco Wafers & Chocolate Candy only ended in a
tummy ache.
Now, due to Neighborhood troublemakers Safety considerations due to finding things like finding pins or razors in
a snickers bar, have caused caused community groups like the neighborhood watch to engage in Extracurricular activity to fend
off that sort of Scare tactic

Halloween is a chance to have an entertaining evening doing unusual things with friends. Looking for SPIRITUALISTIC
PHENOMENON? You might take part in one of many SENSATIONAL SEANCES that are conducted on that evening. You
might even have a Supernatural experience of your own and enter into a Spirit Wonderland Haunting Houses! You might meet an old relative,
recently deceased celebrities, perhaps even some DISCOMBOBULATED AUSTRALIANS?!

The Seance begins: Ectoplasm Materialization is in process, Ectoplasm configuration congeals into GHOSTLY APPARITIONS
or perhaps the odd Skeletal Sasquatches.
It is a Spooky Night, Indeed

Then you retire to the safety of your home for some latenight viewing of Scary Movies hosted by Elvira or maybe Al Lewis (You
know, Grandpa Munster!)
So, you’re snuggled in bed watching Sleepy Hollow or Young Frankenstein (or the Night on Bald Mountain or Sorceror's
Apprentice sections from Fantasia) feeling safe & snug...when you hear a sound outside. And your mind switches to Graphical
Dismemberments and the scene from Night of the Living Dead that looks like you’ve gone to a anthropophagites delicatessen!
Or you start mulling over what type of Subhuman Parthenogenesis could have lead to the rhynchocephalians repugnance of the
Creature From The Black Lagoon!

But the thing that keeps you shivering awake at night?
SNAKE Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!

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