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#633846 - Mon Jun 13 2011 09:35 PM Good day FT lovers
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Although I've already made several posts, I've yet to formally introduce myself, so... 'hello.' My name is Travis and I hail from LaCrosse, WI, USA. I'm a member of The Vicious Circle. I have a three-month old daughter, Nevaeh, which has been a huge blessing, and hasn't impacted my trivia playing too much thus far, although I DID just deal with an hour and a half of screaming... I'm a big reader, and as such, literature is my favorite category of quiz. I also enjoy sci/tech, hobbies, religion, and humanities. If you asked my teammates what my strongest categories were, they'd almost assuredly reply with 'Harry Potter' and 'LOTR', but only because I'm the only team member with more than a passing knowledge of the two series, having read Tolkien's main works(hobbit,trilogy, silmarillion) a combined 500 times or so, mostly in middle school, and each HP book a minimum of three times(more like twenty for the first four). I'm now done torturing y'all with my rambling, run-on prone, semi-lucid discourse.
I look forward to getting to know some of you(interpret that as you will),

#633929 - Tue Jun 14 2011 08:27 AM Re: Good day FT lovers
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Hello, Travis. Welcome to the Forums. smile

A three-month old daughter... sweet! When she's not screaming, I'm sure you're having a great time, seeing the world through the wonder in her eyes, and helping her learn new things. (My children were the same. This will pass sometime before the teenage years, when you're lucky if they communicate with more than a grunt.)
~~ postie

#634035 - Tue Jun 14 2011 07:52 PM Re: Good day FT lovers
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Hello Travis! Pleasure to 'meet' you.
"The best teacher is not the one who knows most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful." ... H. L. Mencken

#634355 - Thu Jun 16 2011 05:25 AM Re: Good day FT lovers
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Hello and welcome from Spain.

#635591 - Mon Jun 20 2011 09:10 PM Re: Good day FT lovers
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Glad to have you, Travis!

#635616 - Mon Jun 20 2011 11:09 PM Re: Good day FT lovers
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#636228 - Thu Jun 23 2011 07:42 AM Re: Good day FT lovers
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Welcome, Travis! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have these past many years!
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