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#639593 - Fri Jul 08 2011 03:50 PM Re: Wimbledon 2011 - sign-up
N-Bomb Offline

Registered: Thu Sep 09 2010
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Must remember about the tiebreakers..... Congrats to howie and other place getters, and thanks dave for running the comp

#639604 - Fri Jul 08 2011 04:21 PM Re: Wimbledon 2011 - sign-up
dg_dave Offline
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I didn't run it. Leo did, and since he has a lot going on, he asked if one of the other TC organizers would tabulate it for him, and I spoke up to do so.

You did remember the tiebreaker on the men's side.
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#639632 - Fri Jul 08 2011 06:03 PM Re: Wimbledon 2011 - sign-up
ozzz2002 Offline

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Congrats to the winners, and I promise that I will try harder next year. Cheers from a rather embarrassed tipster. smile
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#639724 - Sat Jul 09 2011 10:32 AM Re: Wimbledon 2011 - sign-up
BxBarracuda Offline
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Congrats to the medalists especially to Howie72 and N-Bomb for both winning one and making the podium in the other.

#639853 - Sun Jul 10 2011 08:33 AM Re: Wimbledon 2011 - sign-up
triviapaul Offline

Registered: Thu May 22 2008
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Congrats to all the medalists, especially N-Bomb and Howie, that was excellent tipping. Thanks LDV & dave for the work.

#640231 - Tue Jul 12 2011 11:00 AM Re: Wimbledon 2011 - sign-up
LeoDaVinci Offline

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Thanks to Dave and Srini for the final numbers, and thanks to all that participated. Congratulations to all the medalists.
See you all at Flushing Meadows.
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