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#63688 - Fri Nov 24 2000 01:49 PM "High Noon" Trivia Game # 16
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This is the sixteenth "High Noon" shootout game. Anybody can play this game because it is meant to generate interest in the "Shootout" game as well as for everybody to have fun with. Hopefully we will gain new players for the regular Shootout game.

Rules and Play:

Below are 10 multiple choice questions. Email me your answers before midnight (EST) Monday, Nov. 27th. The first person to answer question # 1 correctly will receive 50 points plus 5 points for every question he/she answered correctly. That player will be out of the rotation. Then the same thing will apply for question # 2, and so on until after question # 10. All players who didn't receive the 50 point bonus will receive 5 points for each correct answer. The scores will be posted in the "Shootout" game thread on Nov. 13th. Remember that this is a bonus game and you can gain more points by playing Shootout.

Since this game is multiple choice, try to answer the questions from your own knowledge and not by researching the internet. Anyway, if you take too long researching, others will get into rotation before you cutting down you chances of getting the 50 point bonus. Have fun and don't forget to email me your answers ASAP.

The Questions:

1. What color is the $20 dollar bill in the game of Monopoly?

A. White
B. Red
C. Blue
D. Green
E. Orange

2. What kind of creature is Greek mythology's Chiron

A. Three headed dog
B. Fire-breathing dragon
C. Princess of Troy
D. God of war
E. Wise centaur

3. To camber something is to ______ it.

A. Shock
B. Irritate
C. Curve
D. Melt
E. Smooth

4. If you talked about your dentition, you would be talking about your:

A. Set of teeth
B. Love of life
C. Religious convictions
D. Eating habits
E. Exercise program

5. The team sport of curling takes place on this surface:

A. Asphalt
B. Wooden floor
C. Dirt
D. Grass
E. Ice

6. Together with Louis Joliet, he discovered the upper Mississippi:

A. Samuel de Champlain
B. Jacques Cartier
C. Sieur de la Salle
D. Jacques Marquette
E. Jean Nicolet

7. The eagle, maple leaf, panda and krugerrand are all:

A. Passanger trains
B. Gold coins
C. Volcanoes
D. European rock groups
E. International newspapers

8. Which is the oldest of the major college football games?

A. Orange
B. Sugar
C. Rose
D. Cotton
E. Gator

9. Whippets are small slender dogs widely used as ______ dogs.

A. Police
B. Seeing-eye
C. Watch
D. Racing
E. Fighting

10. After Russia, which is the largest former Soviet Republic in terms of square miles?

A. Ukraine
B. Kazakhstan
C. Armenia
D. Georgia
E. Belarus

Well players, there you have it. Email your answers to me ASAP.

Good luck!

You may post in this thread questions or comments about this game or Shootout.

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#63689 - Sun Nov 26 2000 10:52 PM Re: "High Noon" Trivia Game # 16
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Registered: Tue Jan 04 2000
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Need more players. Remember this has been extended to midnight Monday 27th.
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