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#64322 - Thu Jan 04 2001 05:01 AM Multi-Player Games
Sypher Offline

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Now, if you are reading this means you have the internet !! That's a good start for what is needed to play Multi-Player games....

Most of the time you might want to just chill out and play or game or even blow up something in some mindless violent game...

What I would like to know and maybe it will help others who are in the same boat....What games have you got that you can play on-line in a multi-player scenerio ?

Example - I own several games that can played on-line via a direct link to another pc or thru an official games web-site. These games include Diablo 2, Unreal Tournament and Tiberian Sun

Do you have a login name at MSN Games ?

Do you log onto ?

If you your username or login here and possibly everyone can meet up for a game of Hearts or Diablo...who knows !!

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#64323 - Thu Jan 04 2001 10:23 AM Re: Multi-Player Games
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Heyla, snakemaster!

As you know, I can play Diablo II over the wire... you've played with me!
Other than that, I pretty much stick to Spades over on Yahoo...
(my player name is valeriekane00)


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#64324 - Fri Jan 05 2001 11:54 PM Re: Multi-Player Games
Jabberwock Offline

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My MSN username is "borogove"
try adding me to your Zone "friends" list sometime =)
cribbage is my fav, because it's quick, but hearts is one of my all-time fav card games.....

#64325 - Sat Jan 06 2001 01:22 AM Re: Multi-Player Games
ren32 Offline

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I love Hearts too , but I am only in the beginners... I am called rennsville at the Zone.


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