Like all young boys, Pete and Steve liked to raid the orchard that lay on the road out of town - just beside the cemetery, in fact.
One dark night when the apples were at their best, they got away with a big haul of juicy fruit.
They decided to climb over the wall of the cemetery to divide out the delicious red apples. As they did so, two apples fell out of the bag onto the road.

Some time later, Paddy and Mick (yes, it's another Irish joke) were staggering home from the pub and paused outside the graveyard.
From within they heard two voices:
"One for you and one for for you and one for for you and one for me...."

"Listen" said Mick, drunkenly, "it's God and the devil sharing out souls".
Just then, inside the cemetery, the two boys finished counting their apples.

And Steve said: "That's the lot, then."
"No", said Pete, "There's two more on the other side of the wall..."
Who said drunks couldn't run?
There are just two types of people in this world, those who hear the music and those who don't.