A ragged and penniless young student got on board a busy commuter train one afternoon and found the only available seat was opposite a wealthy looking middle-aged businessman.
After a while, the businessman took out an expensive pocket watch, looked at it and put it away again.
A moment later, the student spoke: "Excuse me sir, could you tell me the time?"
And the businessman said: "No".
Quite taken aback, the student asked "why not?"
And the businessman said: "Young man, if I told you the time, we would start a conversation and we would soon be talking about the weather, politics, religion and the pitiful state of English rugby.
"Then I would feel obliged to invite you home to dinner, where you would meet my beautiful, vivacious 19-year-old daughter.
"You would fall in love with her, and she with you, and you would then ask to marry her and I would be obliged to say yes.
"Do you think I want my only daughter to marry someone who can't afford a watch?"
There are just two types of people in this world, those who hear the music and those who don't.