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#651402 - Sat Sep 03 2011 09:59 AM "Frogger" is 30!
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Frogger is turning 30, and while some may not know the game, I remember playing it.
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#651464 - Sat Sep 03 2011 10:16 PM Re: "Frogger" is 30!
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aww Happy Birthday Frogger. The sad thing is that it means that I am much older ... shocked

#651496 - Sun Sep 04 2011 07:47 AM Re: "Frogger" is 30!
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Happy Birthday Frogger. Remember Frogger? I remember playing tic tac toe in the dirt because pencils and paper had not been invented yet.
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#662885 - Sat Oct 22 2011 11:21 AM Re: "Frogger" is 30!
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Missed this one.
Happy Belated Birthday Frogger!
I remember putting 2 Marks (then about $1) into the machine and thinking it was actually worth it!
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