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#66579 - Tue Apr 10 2001 12:40 PM "High Noon Bluff" Game
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Rules and Play:

Below are 10 multiple choice questions. Email me your answers to all ten questions Then post in this thread your answer to the next question (unanswered) in rotation. If you are the first, you would post your answer to question # 1. If second, question # 2, third for Q3, etc., etc. The answer you post may be the answer you emailed me, or a wrong answer to throw others off (a bluff). Scores will be made on the email answers and not the ones posted here.

Scoring: 10 points for every correct answer. 20 point bonus if your email answer to your rotation question is correct.

Since this game is multiple choice, try to answer the questions from your own knowledge and not by researching the internet. The game will end when all ten questions have been posted here by different players. Then I will post the totals and a new game if people want to do this again.

More than ten may play the game if your answers are emailed to me before I post the totals. Entries submitted after the ten have been posted will not have a chance at the bonus points. However you will still score 10 points for each correct answer and the next game will have 15 - 20 questions to accomidate for the additional players.

Remember, the choice to bluff is up to you. Sometimes you may mess somebody up by putting in the correct answer. LOL. Have fun and don't forget to email me your answers ASAP.

The Questions:

1. The elements not discovered by 19th-century scientist, Humphry Davy :

A. potassium
B. magnesium
C. radium
D. sodium
E. titanium

2. This is the oldest in alcoholic beverage in the world :

A. wine
B. beer
C. whiskey
D. rum
E. cognac

3. The patchwork quilt originated in this part of the world:

A. Australia
B. Ancient Greece
C. North America
D. Polynesia
E. Hungary

4. A fascist government ruled this country from 1939 to 1975 :

A. Italy
B. Austria
C. Brazil
D. Panama
E. Spain

5. The annual Iditarod Dogsled Championship is a 1,159 mi. race from Anchorage to:

A. Kodiac
B. Juneau
C. Fairbanks
D. Barrow
E. Nome

6. Chalcopyrite is an important ore of:

A. iron
B. steel
C. copper
D. silver
E. gold

7. These are prepared Swedish style and are used in Mexico's albondigas soup:

A. cabbages
B. sausages
C. flounder
D. noodles
E. meatballs in aunt in

8. In the United States a hundred-weight is equal to one hundred:

A. drams
B. ounces
C. pounds
D. tons
E. grams

9. Cspitoline Hill is the tallest hill of:

A. Paris
B. London
C. Madrid
D. Washington, D.C.
E. Rome

10. What kind of tools are used in crewel work?

A. pen and ink
B. metal plates
C. acrylic crayons
D. hammer and nails
E. embroidery needles

Well players, there you have it. Email your answers to me ASAP.

Good luck!

Don't forget to post your rotation question/answer in this thread.

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#66580 - Tue Apr 10 2001 12:46 PM Re: "High Noon Bluff" Game
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#1. C. Radium
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#66581 - Thu Apr 12 2001 12:30 PM Re: "High Noon Bluff" Game
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NO. 2.....Wine

#66582 - Fri Apr 13 2001 03:57 PM Re: "High Noon Bluff" Game
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Hope I'm not out of rotation. didn't quite understand how we would know. If I am sooooooooorrrrrryyyyyyy.
#3.North America


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