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#670939 - Tue Nov 29 2011 12:55 PM Interview with Gamemaster1967
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Tell us about where you live - what's the best, and the worst, about your home? Are you living in the part of the world you grew up?

I live in Sugar Land, Texas, which is a suburb of Houston. I was born in Houston, and raised mostly in the suburbs of it. The best things for me, about living here, are that my family and friends are almost all still here, there are no major hills/mountains nearby (I get claustrophobic) and we do not have extreme winters. The worst things would be the seemingly endless heat we have here between March and November, and the constant threat of storms during hurricane season.

What's the meaning behind the name 'Gamemaster'?

Great question, though the answer is a bit boring. I first chose that name back in 2000, not long before I discovered Funtrivia. I'd played so many video games in my life I chose that name. When I joined FT, I added the 1967 onto the end, which is my husband's birth year. This is also my XBox Live gamertag, which he uses as well.

We can tell by your chosen category, and by many of your quizzes, that you are a TV watcher. What's your TV area like? Got a favourite chair, all set up and comfy? We know you also read a lot - do you watch TV in the same place you read?

I watch most of my TV in our family room, but some in my bedroom. In the family room I have a recliner I sit in, fairly comfortable and cozy. In the bedroom I'll usually sit in my bed to watch shows. I generally read outside if the weather is nice, but do some reading in my recliner as well.

Which now-canceled show would you want brought back and why?

I cannot pick one show, so I'll pick three. I'd bring back "Tru Calling", "Veronica Mars", and "Dead Like Me". All three shows had more story to tell and felt incomplete when they ended. "Dead Like Me" did have a TV movie to sort of end the storyline, which was about two years later, but it still felt incomplete to me.

It's a nuclear emergency and you can bring one TV show into the bomb shelter with you-- what TV show do you save?

No question, it's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

If you could choose one TV character to be for a day, who would it be

It is very difficult for me to chose one. I'll choose three favorites. 1) JR Ewing during the early days of "Dallas"; 2) Spike from "Buffy and Angel"; 3) Phyllis Newman from "Young and the Restless".

If you were to write a TV show based on your life, who would you hand-pick to play you and/or any of your friends/family members?

I love questions like this, as I am such a TV junkie. I'll pick myself and four family/friends.

1) Me- Kristen Bell
2) Heather- Evangeline Lily
3) Susan (my mom)- Kathy Bates
4) Husband- Joshua Morrow
5) Mother in law- Diane Keaton

If you could write/make your own TV show using characters from other TV shows, who would you choose and what setting would you have for your show?

I'd probably use the steamy tropical settings of the southern US (like "True Blood"). I'd import many characters to wreak havoc there. Sawyer from "Lost", JR from "Dallas", Spike from "Buffy", Veronica Mars, Phyllis Newman from "Y&R", Emily and Victoria from "Revenge", Dean Winchester from "Supernatural", Barney from "How I Met Your Mother", Paul Sr and Jr from "American Chopper", Walter Bishop from "Fringe", the Evil Queen from "Once Upon a Time", Dexter Morgan from "Dexter" and his son Harrison, Joy Behar, Donald Trump (for laughability in power), Dwayne and Whitely from "A Different World", Blair and Jo from "Facts of Life", and Rosie O'Donnell to drive Trump crazy.

When did you first start editing at Fun Trivia? Have you always edited in the same category/ies?

I became an editor in December 2002. That was just a little over a year after I became a member of the site. I edited first in Entertainment and hated it. Loved being an editor, but hated the quizzes in that category. I sent Beth a note a couple months later asking if I could edit in TV as well. She'd walked me through many quizzes of my own. She said it was OK, and that's where I have been every since.

If you had to edit quizzes in a category other than Television, what would you choose and why? Is there something you would absolutely hate editing?

I could edit in Literature maybe, with some help from the current editors there. I'd enjoy that. I'd never want to do Entertainment or Sports. I enjoy sports to watch in real life, but would not want to read sports quizzes. I also would not be qualified to edit there.

What, in your eyes, makes a good quiz an excellent quiz?

I can honestly say that I do not see many excellent quizzes, nor do I create them myself. But my answer is simple:

1) Proper grammar as I see it, as well as wording that stems from reading a lot or a higher education.

2) A variety of question styles, with zero to one fill in the blank only.

3) Factual knowledge of a subject to the point where info sections can contain minute details only rabid fans of a show will remember.

What's one lesson you'd want people to take from FunTrivia?

For players, quiz makers and staff alike- have fun and do not take yourself too seriously. Do not take disagreements personally or place a higher importance on yourself than anyone else on site.

Between the number of quizzes you've written and the number of quizzes you've edited, what do you do in your 'spare' time? What is 'a day in the life' like for you?

I take care of my son, he is almost 20 years old now. He has autism, hyperactivity and OCD. He recently had to be taken out of public school for behavioral issues, so now he spends all day with me. I get on Facebook to see what's happening with my friends and family, and to play Zynga games. I run errands, talk to my mom, help out my retired mother in law, and do household chores. I watch some daytime TV as I do household chores. Oh, and I probably eat too much too. smile

What are your favorite hobbies when not editing TV quizzes?

I love to play video games (mostly XBox). Maybe that's more of a past time than a hobby. I play Farmville on Facebook and Words with Friends. I enjoy gardening vegetables a lot, but haven't quite gotten the hang of doing it successfully during our long hot summers. I am not in love with cooking, but some things I really enjoy making, like soup. I also read and hang out with my girlfriends whenever possible. I like to talk. wink

What are your three favourite foods?

People may cringe when they read this, but they are beef bologna and beef hotdogs, rye bread and chicken and broccoli stir fry.

What would you have been voted "Most Likely to ______" in high school?

I'd probably been voted Most Likely to Run an Event Planning Business. I liked being in charge because everyone always seemed slow, confused and unmotivated back then.

Surprise! Terry is sending all the editors for a weekend vacation in a city of their choice. Where do you want Terry to book the plane tickets for? What do you want to do while you're there?

Terry rocks! smile I'd want tickets to Beerwah, Australia. I'd probably have to fly into Sydney first, but Australia Zoo is the place I want to go most in the whole world.

Thanks to all who took part.

#670957 - Tue Nov 29 2011 04:36 PM Re: Interview with Gamemaster1967
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I love finding out about FT members - thanks for that, very interesting!
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#670973 - Tue Nov 29 2011 06:12 PM Re: Interview with Gamemaster1967
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I love it,a fellow Dead Like Me fan and a Buffy and Angel one as well. I agree that Dead Like Me ended way too soon,but i wasn't aware that a movie had been made to try and wrap things up,is it worth my while to search it down or should i leave well enough alone?
Tru Calling had a great premise,too bad it couldn't find an audience quick enough,i swear if i ever won the lottery,one thing i would do is to fund a couple more seasons
of this and Dead Like Me.

#670976 - Tue Nov 29 2011 06:22 PM Re: Interview with Gamemaster1967
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Yes, get the Dead Like Me movie. It does offer some closure, but felt a bit sad at the same time. It's called Dead Like Me: Life After Death, and is available to watch instantly on Netflix.
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