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#67154 - Wed May 09 2001 04:00 PM Game - "The Sims"
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I just got "Livin' Large" and "House Party" so I don't know which this is from in particular, but has anybody else have a Drew Carey character crash your party?

He showed up at my place just as I was trying to get my char to go to sleep, and everyone screamed "LIMOUSINE!" and ran downstairs. Carey stayed at my place talking to himself until 6am and then said "Great party! You'll be the talk of the town!" and left....

???? Weird

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#67155 - Tue Nov 04 2003 12:04 PM Re: Game - "The Sims"
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I too have had this event occur. This happens in the House Party package. The only difference between your occurance and mine is that I was having one of my characters take a shower.

This is really weird. I don't know exactly what causes this event to trigger off, but I am still working on figuring that out.

#67156 - Sat Nov 29 2003 12:31 PM Re: Game - "The Sims"
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If you have a big enough party Drew Carey comes. This has happened many times before to me. just wait, and he'll eventually leave.


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