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#68152 - Tue Aug 07 2001 01:37 PM Role Playing Game-Poll
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Whats your favorite roleplaying game?
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#68153 - Tue Aug 07 2001 01:49 PM Re: Role Playing Game-Poll
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I don't do much role playing anymore
but when i was young...I did most of the TSR worlds
and some Battletech/Mechwarrior
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#68154 - Tue Aug 07 2001 07:28 PM Re: Role Playing Game-Poll
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RPGs are great! Especially LARPs; you meet so many interesting people there, and it's such a good way to unwind and have fun. I miss it now that I've stopped going

But I used to really be into Vampire: the Masquerade LARP. Nosferatu were my favourites, but I played Ventrue and Malkavian as well. There were some others I wanted to try, but our game was Camarilla-only. In the RPG I was a Toreador.

I also tried the Werewolf LARP but couldn't really get into it. Werewolf mythology never fascinated me as much as the vampires. I also played some AD&D (illiterate half-elven druid most of the time ) but I never found anything I liked even half as much as V:tM. I still enjoy creating different character concepts from time to time, for if I ever join another game.

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#68155 - Wed Aug 08 2001 10:37 AM Re: Role Playing Game-Poll
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Dungeons and Dragons!
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