One of my favorite team games growing up was speedball. I'm ready to teach others how to play, but first I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. If you think I forgot something, write back.
The game is played on an area the size of a basketball court and combines the rules of football, basketball, and soccer. The goals are two football goal posts (which are imaginary- itís actually the thin air behind the out-of-bounds line behind the basketball net), two basketball hoops, and two mini soccer goals. There are five players on each team and the floor setup is like basketball- with two guards, two forwards, and a center on each side.
The game starts when each team's center is called to the middle of the court to have a jump ball. This is where the game differs a bit from basketball. Of course, as a center you want the ball in order to pass to a teammate, but the teammate it's passed to now has to make a choice- do they want to play the game with their hands or feet? If the answer is hands, grab the ball and start dribbling, passing, or whatever you choose to do. If the answer is feet, make sure the ball does not touch your hands and then start playing soccer. If the ball touches your hands, you MUST play with your hands. If it hits any other part of your body, you can let the ball hit the ground and dribble or if it is in the air bang it with your head- just like soccer. If the ball is on the ground, no one is permitted to pick it up with his or her hands unless a player kicks the ball up in the air. While you are playing with the soccer rules the points you get for scoring is just as if they are while playing soccer.
While the ball is in someone's hands the game is a combination of basketball and football. If you score though the net, the point system is the same as it is while really playing basketball. However, unlike football, there is absolutely no carrying the ball. The only way the ball moves while in your hands is through dribbling or passing. In order to score a goal through the football goal is to have a player stand with one foot over the out of bounds/ end zone line and have another player pass the ball to them. I forget how much that point is worth- either six, three, or one. There is absolutely no kicking the ball through the football "goal."
There are no time-outs, the game is played straight through- although, I forget for how long. While playing with hands the basketball penalties apply, while playing with feet the soccer penalties apply (with free kicks and all that good stuff). If you try to tackle a player you get five minutes in the penalty box.
Itís a really fun, high energy game. Itís very easy to play, but confusing for a referee to regulate.
Did I forget anything?