Whoooooooo! Let me just say, this is the first time I've played Final Fantasy, and I could not believe how much fun this game is! And very addictive! When I finally turned the stupid thing off about ten minutes ago, it was kind of a shock to realize that I'd been playing for 14 hours straight! You really don't notice! (Except that I'm really hungry and really sleepy because I started playing at about 1:00am).

The storyline is really engaging... it's like the book you can't put down! And anything that has creatures called "shoopufs" is prime material in my mind!

Has anybody else played this yet? Don't give away the ending! I only just got to Guadosalam. (HA! I beat Dave's "impossible monster" without a single KO!)

Chan fhiach cuirm gun a comhradh.
A feast is no use without good talk.