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#692960 - Wed Feb 22 2012 03:41 PM Pet subjects
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A few years ago in a place called Californy, a young girl called Heather was asked what she wanted for her fourth birthday.
"A living present", she said.
So her father went to the pet shop and saw a quite delightful creature.
"What is it," he asked.
"It's a rary," said the pet shop owner.
"A what?", said Heather's father.
"A rary," said the pet shop owner.
So he took it home and Heather really loved her rary.
But then the cute little rary got bigger and bigger and soon was eating the family out of house and home.
"We will have to get ridi of it," said Heather's mother.
So late one night Heather's father took the creature out for a walk and to the edge of the sea, where he pushed it off a cliff and into the Pacific.
When he told Heather's mother what he had done, she said "That is quite a high cliff."
"Yes," said Heather's father. "It's a long way to tip a rary."
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#692978 - Wed Feb 22 2012 03:56 PM Re: Pet subjects
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That is terrible! smile
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