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#70553 - Mon Dec 10 2001 09:55 PM Any of you guys starting a band?
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Well, are YOU? I want to make a band that sings lots of songs and makes good songs for people to listen to and then sing it to themselves and other people will go "hey that sounds" good then we do good and do better than sing more bye.

#70554 - Mon Dec 10 2001 11:20 PM Re: Any of you guys starting a band?
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Two friends of mine are trying to recruit me for their bands. One is (or atleast will be) a punk/funk band. They need a drummer, they don't care that I don't even know how to hold drumsticks correctly, they want me because I have a couple of drumsets of my own.
The other is more of a neo-soul/teeniebopper kind of thing. The lead of that band wants me because I have a couple of instruments, can help write, have an unique voice, and not afraid of making a fool of myself on stage (or so she thinks).
I'm considering the first because it may be fun. The guys never take anything too seriously, yet they are totally into working hard. And a major plus is they don't expect to be anything big. It is just to pass time. But the second isn't my kind of thing. The music, although it has good intentions, sounds too popish. Because I'd be the newbie to the band, I don't think I'd have too much input, although she says otherwise. The members are really serious about starting up the band and playing locally. I'm not into that.

#70555 - Thu Dec 13 2001 06:34 PM Re: Any of you guys starting a band?
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You know how there's always one kid at school with no rhythm at all? That kid who always gets to play the metalaphone in the band ("just count four, then hit the first note. Then just sit quietly until the song finishes")
The kid that, when given the opportunity to be great, totally meses it up?
That kid that, in music class, always did really well in theory?
...Yeah that was me!
I'm a maverick, I don't play by the rules you choose to live by.

#70556 - Fri Dec 14 2001 06:11 AM Re: Any of you guys starting a band?
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Been there, done that.
I was born under a wandering star.


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