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#73988 - Thu Dec 06 2001 06:03 PM Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
LilSpikey Offline

Registered: Sun Dec 02 2001
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Loc: North Carolina USA
One of the best things to get for Christmas is CDs. Are you giving or getting CDs this year?
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#73989 - Thu Dec 06 2001 06:15 PM Re: Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
LindaC007 Offline

Registered: Sun Dec 02 2001
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Loc: North Carolina USA
Hey, LilSpikey! Glad to meet a fellow North Carolina trivia fan! Yes, I am giving several CD's to my husband and we are giving some to our child. Hope you have a Merry Christmas over in Asheville!
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#73990 - Thu Dec 06 2001 06:51 PM Re: Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
malizma Offline

Registered: Sat Jan 20 2001
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Loc: Nashville
Tennessee USA   ...
Absolutely !! that is the one definite thing we give each year. For my hubby: The Kiss Box Set, Tony Bennett-Singing With Friends, John Lennon's "Milk and Honey.". For my son: Thomas the Tank Engine Soundtrack, Tarzan Soundtrack. For my Best Friend: I am getting her a CD that one of my student's father did. For my sister and the new baby on the way: Ginger Sands' "the Gift of Make Believe" (I was fortunate to have her daughter in my class last year). For my dad: Louis Armstrong Box Set.
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#73991 - Thu Dec 06 2001 09:43 PM Re: Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
Drewskidogg Offline

Registered: Wed Dec 05 2001
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Loc: San Francisco California USA 
Yeah, I'm giving my parents and grandmother CD's, and I'm hoping to receive these CD's:

Michael Jackson-Thriller
Michael Jackson-Off The Wall
Keith Sweat-Make It Last Forever
Earth, Wind & Fire-Greatest Hits
Whodini-Greatest Hits

#73992 - Thu Dec 06 2001 10:15 PM Re: Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
CellarDoor Offline

Registered: Sat Feb 12 2000
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Loc: Seattle
Washington USA
My mother will be getting some CDs from me - Steve Goodman, Joan Baez, and George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass". I'll most likely get some CDs in exchange. They're small, they're useful, they're overpriced but still affordable.
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#73993 - Fri Dec 07 2001 05:01 AM Re: Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
Bruyere Offline
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Registered: Sat Feb 10 2001
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Loc: California USA
Got a blues collection for my husband, they got these package deals with 20 CDs for about 20 bucks! Plus the documents are well written too.

My daughter has dropped a hint that there's a new Mariah Carey CD out. Glitter? I get a hint.

My son likes stuff like...let's see what's on my desk...Club 7 and Trackin..does that make sense?

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#73994 - Mon Dec 10 2001 08:09 AM Re: Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
littleowl1412 Offline

Registered: Thu Nov 22 2001
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Loc: Surrey England UK        
Hiya! I think CDs are the perfect gift- its the kind of gift that can last forever and give so much pleasure. I'm giving my brother the Steps Greatest Hits album ( although I really want it for myself!!) and my Mum and a Beach boys compilation. I'm hoping to receive the Madonna GHV2, Everybody by Hearsay and escpecially Mariah's Greatest Hits (I can never have too much Mariah in my life!!). My birthday's just a couple of weeks before Christmas so I get a double helping! I actually put off buying some CDs myself because of the thrill you getting from waiting for a gift!!

Bruyere- as I've already found out your daughter has great taste!! Mariah has released 2 cds this year (its a record label conflict thing)- Glitter is a new album of original material and there's also a Greatest Hits out last week! Both would make great gifts!! Respect to your son for liking S Club 7- they've just released a new CD too- called Sunshine.
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#73995 - Wed Dec 12 2001 07:54 AM Re: Are Giving Or Receiving CDs for Christmas?
SuperFurryAnimal Offline

Registered: Fri Jul 27 2001
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Loc: Glasgow UK
I reckon that my Dad will possibly get the Pink Floyd "best of" collection (though I imagine it may miss a few of my favourites out) or he may get a nice bottle of Whisky. I usually get my mum some CD or other, but I haven't though about it too much this year. Better get cracking!!
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