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#74018 - Sun Dec 09 2001 10:18 AM 'Imagine', what would Lennon make of it?
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A weird thought suddenly struck me yesterday(December 8th)...
It was the twenty first anniversary of John Lennon's murder...
I just wondered what his reaction would have been, to the Sept.11th attacks, and to the passing of his friend, George Harrison. The world suddenly seemed to be a somewhat sadder place... I was wondering if anyone thinks that, if the Beatles were all still with us, would they have got back together, for maybe One giant bash, and if so, what motivation or event would prompt them to do so. Happy quizzings, Ikabud...
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#74019 - Sun Dec 09 2001 11:43 AM Re: 'Imagine', what would Lennon make of it?
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Perhaps I should put this in the Beatles memories section, but in any case, an interesting question Ikabud, I first visited NYC exactly twenty years ago, about a week after Lennon had been shot. It was the first time I'd been cold in two years after living in Hawaii, I remember when they said that the assasin had purchased his gun in Honolulu not far from where we lived. It was so spooky to have sort of gone the same road as this deranged troubled person.
I never really visited the city in depth again, though I later lived in Philadelphia for five years.
It will always have that shadow on it for me.
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#74020 - Sun Dec 09 2001 07:38 PM Re: 'Imagine', what would Lennon make of it?
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I think he would have been deeply saddened by both Sept. 11 th and the passing of George Harrison. I believe he would have done something to help the people in the wake of 9/11. He was a very caring person. I believe he may have done what George harrison did after Lennon's death and retreated to mourn privately.
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