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#74151 - Fri Jan 11 2002 11:21 AM Your life in music
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Everyone has a few songs that have defined their life in one way or another. Songs that, when you hear them playing, instantly take you back to a time and place.
Among those songs, one stands out in particular for me(Frank).
I landed at JFK for the very first time, with the sound of Bob Dylan's "Lilly, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts" ringing in my ears. It was defining moment in my life, and to this day, each time I hear dear old Bob's wonderful song I get goosepumps.
Just wondered if anyone else had a song that they associated with an experience, and what it was.
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#74152 - Sat Jan 12 2002 07:47 PM Re: Your life in music
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Hey Ikabud. I have had this experience. I mentioned this story several times before. The first time I ever heard Mike and the Mechanics "The Living Years", I called my father in tears to tell him how much I loved hime. Even though we never fought and got along, it was a very defining song for me. It was a song that seemed to bring us closer.
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#74153 - Thu Jan 17 2002 05:52 PM Re: Your life in music
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I don't know how many people have heard of Wendy Matthews out there - she's a singer from New Zealand. Anyway, she sang this really beautiful song called The Day You Went Away. The first time I heard this was in a car, on the way home from my friends house, after I found out my Pa had died. It's a sad song as it is, but now whenever I hear it I freeze.
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#74154 - Sat Jan 19 2002 09:32 AM Re: Your life in music
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"Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. It's my husband's favorite song, and we've been together a Long time now, ever since we were very young, so I think Charlie's attitude will always be "Forever Young"--Not that we're Old Foggies now, Please!!! But the way you look at life can make you old, Before your time, if you let it!
I dont think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto


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