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#74696 - Wed Feb 06 2002 01:10 PM Artists of good character
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Okay, we have all hashed out the artists we cannot stand !!! Many of the artists mentioned are not liked because of their character or the things they say or do. However, I would like to flip the coin and would like to find artists that you think are pretty good people in the world.

My favorite would have to be Pat Metheny. He consistently demonstrates graciousness, humbleness, and is genuine. He even took the time out to answer some questions my kids asked. I have read many of his interviews and have never seen anything intentionally malicious. He had a small media verbal argument after Kenny G said some rather scathing things.

My second choice is Nnenna Frelon. She is a jazz singer. She has my vote for her charity work. She has workshops for recovering drug addict moms to teach them how to sing to their newborns and thus, bond with them. Very cool person, terrific voice. If you like vocal jazz, check her out !!!!

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#74697 - Wed Feb 06 2002 02:54 PM Re: Artists of good character
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VIC Australia seems that you have gotten people stuck on this one, Malizma! Unfortunately a lot of my favourite singers have turned out to be quite nasty in real life (Lennon, Morrison, Nesmith, Cuomo & the like). Might I suggest Jeff Buckley? The man was just it, that's all I have to say...
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#74698 - Wed Feb 06 2002 10:37 PM Re: Artists of good character
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I'm not just sticking to those whose music I love, but the people who have really large fan clubs often deserve them. It's not just a load of hype. And when you get exceptions to the rule, it's often just the stress of fame.
I've had a close brush trying to take care of a sports celebrity and though he loved his fans, he wasn't always feeling up to greeting them and it looked odd but he was concentrating. He wasn't consistently good with them.

I think that the most obvious example was Elvis! No amount of money you pay into Graceland's official site there (yuck) is going to make people revere him, the whole legend thing wasn't just hype.

Dolly Parton is one of the sweetest women and perhaps you know stuff to the contrary, but she shares enough of herself on camera and stage and keeps something too.
Her park in her hometown isn't such a bad way of giving back to a small town.

Garth Brooks inspires a lot of fans.

I am going to make a couple of people mad and wonder if I'm not "crazy" but Britney takes pretty good care of her fans for a kid who's been raised in stardom. She's a small town girl at heart. I was touched as one time a French kid won a contest on a show and it was to meet her on a trip to the states! The guy was seriously shy! But she was so incredibly sweet to him with the promotional gimmicks etc, and made him feel at ease that it stuck in my mind.
I mean, I've seen the backroom scenes with publicity shots etc and imagine having to take pictures with some guy who's got a crush on you. You could refuse these sorts of things, but her sincerity showed through.

I've met a famous ballerina here in Monaco, and the arts press were hounding her after the film of her life, talking about her having a baby, or her love interests, or her filmed in a shot in her dressing room half dressed as it was a documentary. Finally at one point the young dancers of which my daughter was one were hoping they could speak to her. And she just politely dismissed the journalists hounding her, and came to speak to the young girls who were very impressed at her. Then she said, "you wanted to take a picture with me? Come on then." And then I took all the cameras for all those kids and they all got onto the stage, and none of those girls will ever forget that moment!
She signed autographs etc. She didn't act like a prima donna in the least. I was amazed she held her temper with those journalists, she simply said, "this film is the only answer I have to your questions, I think it shows enough of my life!"
Mariah Carey also strikes me as someone who doesn't take her fans for granted.

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#74699 - Thu Feb 07 2002 08:28 AM Re: Artists of good character
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No way! Is Mike Nesmith a nasty fella? With his bobble hat and his funky little songs? NOOOOO!!!!!

#74700 - Thu Feb 07 2002 08:33 AM Re: Artists of good character
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Ok...I have to totally disagree with Heather about Elvis! He was a drug addicted womaniser who was so pompous he had the CIA try to ruin the Beatles!

I will say that an artist that I think has a very good reputation is U2's Bono. Politically active and a family man. He also always seems to appreciate his fans.

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