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#74774 - Thu Feb 21 2002 06:49 AM Format
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Do you have an album in more that one format? This thought came to me after reading one of those “You know your getting older” If you bought

An album (vinyl) in the 1960’s
An 8-track tape in the 1970’s
A cassette tape in the 1980’s
A compact disk in the 1990’s

Just curious to see if I am the only one or are there other “music pack-rats” who have more than one copy of the same album.

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#74775 - Thu Feb 21 2002 07:33 AM Re: Format
jaydodo Offline

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I have Sgt. Peppers, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, White Album, Houses of the Holy - Led Zepplin, Glass House - Billy Joel, and Revolver all on CD and Album.
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#74776 - Thu Feb 21 2002 11:27 AM Re: Format
lincolnvailknowles Offline
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I've got Simon and Garfunkle's greatest hits on vinyl, tape, and CD. I've got a few 8-tracks (heavy metal), a huge collection of classical on vinyl, but most of my stuff is on CD.

By the way, don't get rid of anything on an antiquated format until you find the same recording on the new format. For a while I collected tapes and had a few hundred. I began to collect CDs and eventually got tired of having both tapes and CDs. I decided to convert to CD and sold all of my tapes, thinking I would just replace them with CDs (I wasn't concerned with the cost.) I failed to consider that some of recordings are hard to find on any format, let alone CD. So, ten years later I am still trying to find some of my favorites. Anyone know where I can find Inspiral Carpets "Cool As ****" on CD?

#74777 - Sun Feb 24 2002 04:57 AM Re: Format
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I have ACDC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and "Back In Black" in 8-Track and Cassette. Also have Boston's "Boston"
in Cassette and CD.


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