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#781182 - Sat Mar 24 2012 12:17 AM i'm new Here,
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i'm New Here, And A Friend Just Told Me About This And i Wanted To join Because Of The Photography. I Love To Take Pictures But Where i Come From, Thees Not Alot To Take pictures Of. Could Anyone Message Me And Tell Me What They Think i Could/ Should Do..?

#781190 - Sat Mar 24 2012 02:33 AM Re: i'm new Here,
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Hi and welcome, Nikki!
There are many members of the Photography forum and we all have different abilities and tastes. We range from people who point and click and hope for the best(thats me) to Professionals.
TMany members are much more able to advise you than I am, but I think we would all tell you that there is always something to take pictures of. Some, like David (Satguru) take pictures of what surrounds them in their daily lives, like buildings, roads, fields and transport. Some of us take our pets as subjects. Some spot something new and unusual like a trick of the light, a piece of old wood, a leaf or a puddle of water. I dont think you need outstanding events or places to find good subjects. What do you think fellow members?
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#781232 - Sat Mar 24 2012 09:01 AM Re: i'm new Here,
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The pleasure of the photo threads is in the discovery of the everyday all over the world, through the photos taken by the people who post here. Some of the photos, from a technical point of view, are simply stunning, some are of what seems to be the ordinary, mundane things of everyday. However, what's mundane for one is often exotic for someone on the other side of the world. In this forum it's definitely the participation that counts, nobody is here to judge, we are all just interested in sharing a little piece of what surrounds us.

Use your camera to photograph everything and anything that interests *you*. Your passion will come through to us viewers just fine, and that's all that is aksed for.

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