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#1107264 - Sun Aug 30 2015 05:52 PM Re: Do you still have any vinyl?
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I have all my original vinyl, including the Beatles white Album. Unfortunately, I haven't owned a turn table in maybe 20 years (then again, maybe that's a good thing, since the records won't get further damaged lol)
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#1107429 - Tue Sep 01 2015 12:03 PM Re: Do you still have any vinyl?
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Originally Posted By: TriviaFan22
I found a vinyl at the Goodwill store. It was a preacher from back in the 70s warning of the New World Order. I'm a conspiracy theorist so I bought it. However, I have no record player and never listened to it. But it's still cool to someone like me.

You must know someone with a record player so you can hear it? And as you probably know, 40 years later everything he said was right!
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#1108519 - Sat Sep 12 2015 01:35 PM Re: Do you still have any vinyl?
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I just picked up around 100 more records that were being given away earlier this year, mostly easy listening stuff no one else wanted, but a few rock and classical albums in there, too. I wore out the needle, though, so I've only gone through about 2/3rds of them. I have an Ion USB record player I was just using as a record player rather than transferring everything to the computer, so I can order the needle if I can get $10 into my on-line account one of these days. But frell, I still have 8-tracks from my youth, and a few 78s from my grandfather's youth.

#1108544 - Sat Sep 12 2015 08:48 PM Re: Do you still have any vinyl?
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I sold all my vinyl this spring, made a couple thousand bucks. The guys at the record store told me that most of what they get is in too poor condition to be worth much, even if it is rare or interesting or collectible. There's a market for your old Beatles or Eagles or Fleetwood Mac albums, sure, but it's not a terribly lucrative one.

I was interested in cash rather than store credit, as I was trying to clear out my place so I could downgrade and move. The policy of the place I sold them was to pay half of what they expected to sell it for, in store credit, or one quarter in cash. The most I got for a record was about forty bucks, so they'd be selling it for somewhere around $120 to $150.

I could have made more selling them individually online myself, with an enormous amount of work. Say ten thousand rather than two thousand - worth it if you want to do the work, but not a fortune.

I've met people who assume that their warped and scratched copy of a Grateful Dead album is going to sell for thousands, and that's just not the reality. They might get ten bucks for it, and that's a good price. There are valuable albums out there, but you probably haven't got them.

#1113007 - Thu Oct 22 2015 10:58 AM Re: Do you still have any vinyl?
CmdrK Offline

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Looking back, I bought my albums and 45s to play - over and over - not as part of my retirement package. It's easy to think our records are worth a fortune only to find someone will only pay a couple of bucks for them.

On the other hand, I have the Grateful Dead's first album and it's in excellent condition. I haven't played it in over 40 years. (Not sure if I should put a happy or sad smiley here.)
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