For the first time in years, the Bishop and his three sons were home for Christmas together
On the first morning of their stay, he stood warming himself in front of a roaring open fire as his eldest son, a Canon, appeared from bed.
"Good morning, son" said the Bishop,'Did you sleep well?".
"Wonderful, I dreamt I was in Heaven", said Number One son.
"Great!, Come and stand by the fire" said the Bishop.
Then his middle son, a rector, arrived.
"Good morning, son, did you sleep well?", the Bishop asked.
"Marvelous, I dreamt I was in Heaven", said middle son.
And he went to stand in front of the fire with his brother and their father.
Just then the youngest son, a lawyer, came down.
"Good morning" said the Bishop, "How was your night?.
"I dreamt I was in Hell" said the lawyer,
"Oh said the Bishop, "Why was that?"
And the lawyer replied: "You couldn't get near the fire for clergymen".
There are just two types of people in this world, those who hear the music and those who don't.