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#837564 - Thu Nov 08 2012 04:26 PM Great photo .. not photshopped.
Copago Offline

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I think it's sad when a great photo is before our eyes they have to make a deal out of it being NOT photoshopped. Just seems that most great things aren't real!

But anyway .. fesat your eyes on this .. it's brilliant laugh

#837574 - Thu Nov 08 2012 04:50 PM Re: Great photo .. not photshopped.
Chavs Offline

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Yes, that is fabulous! Thanks for putting it here.

(Is it a good time to say - belatedly - I think your snake skin photo was phenomenal. I've looked at it loads of times. It's my choice for pic of the year.)

#951230 - Fri Nov 23 2012 10:38 PM Re: Great photo .. not photshopped.
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Chavs, do you think we could have a pic of the year? I am not offering to organise it,too much on. I think I will ask Leo, he is a good organiser.
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