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#1293417 - Mon Jul 26 2021 12:52 PM Odd user profile and quizzes
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I came across quizzical's profile and noted some oddities. He/she registered Mar 20.01, was last seen on the same day and yet he/she managed to accumulate over 213,000 points, is at level 29, and created over 100 quizzes (last one Jan 2oo2).

But the main reason I chose to bring this to your attention is because it seems as though many of his/her quiz questions are not supplemented with any extra info. I saw a couple of questions by this person in todays Daily Quiz. Just curious how these unaugmented quizzes passed inspection.

#1293418 - Mon Jul 26 2021 01:52 PM Re: Odd user profile and quizzes
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In the early day, information was not required. You will come across a lot of older quizzes with absolutely nothing at all, and others with a snip of opinion or a joke. These would not be accepted today, but the old ones are still there, and do surface in games.

That 'last seen' anomaly I cannot address. Quizzical has certainly not been writing anything for a long time, quite possibly since 2002.
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#1293419 - Mon Jul 26 2021 02:08 PM Re: Odd user profile and quizzes
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If memory serves, we started requiring info for all questions some time around late 2003, early 2004. Except for Brain Teasers, they were allowed to go online without info for a few more years.

#1293426 - Mon Jul 26 2021 04:45 PM Re: Odd user profile and quizzes
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Just to add, these old quizzes were grandfathered, so there is no need to send a correction note if that was something you were considering.
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