FunTrivia Cheating Policy

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Cheating is defined as any action undertaken by a FunTrivia user to unfairly inflate or manipulate game scores, challenge scores, tournament scores, or quiz rankings in any manner. This is usually done through collusion (sharing information with someone else), or through multiple accounts (play a game with player A, then use that knowledge to help player B).

We use a variety of detection methods to discover cheating.

Players found to be cheating will be banned from FunTrivia without warning.

One Account Per Player

Each individual is allowed one FunTrivia account. Individuals found to be using more than one account will immediately have all accounts closed down. And believe me, we know precisely how many accounts you are using. More serious cases will result in all traffic from the individual's site being permanently banned from FunTrivia.

Multiple Players From One Household

FunTrivia was designed to be played by one person from one household. However, we understand that in some families, multiple family members may use FunTrivia from the same computer or IP address.

Players playing from the same household are allowed to play in any FunTrivia quiz or tournament.

However, as a multiple-account household, you have certain responsibilities. First, we ask that if more than one person is playing in the same game, that you wait 15 minutes between each player playing in that game. Second, you are expected to play honestly and fairly. If you choose to share answers, our sophisticated anti-cheating pattern recognition and statistical methods WILL detect it, and all accounts WILL be banned.

FunTrivia reserves the right to ban those accounts that show suspicious patterns of play or uncharacteristically high scores.

Gold members are not immune from these basic rules.

Please don't put us in a situation where we have to ban you from our website.