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Add a Daily Trivia Game to your MSN or Yahoo Group!
Embed on myspace, in your blog, on your homepage, or wherever you want!

Want to give members of your MSN or Yahoo group something cool to do each day? Want to attract visitors back to your group each and every day? Add a free daily trivia tournament to your group instantly.


    You choose the type and difficulty level of trivia questions that best suits your audience; you can even choose specific categories! We then choose new questions each day from our database of over 700,000 questions.

    Players sign up quickly and easily via a simple form. A new set of trivia questions that match your parameters are displayed to your players every single day. Every player who signs up in your tournament may play once per day and all players are scored against one another on a rankings ladder. The players who answer most accurately and quickly score the most points. Cumulative scores are saved throughout the month, encouraging players to return daily. A Hall of Fame also records each month's top 5 players! You may choose to offer prizes yourself to winners to provide an extra incentive to play if you'd like, or just play for fun.


  • Instant!
    • You can have your tournament up and running within 15 minutes!

  • 100% Managed and Hosted by

    • No software to install and patch or servers to maintain. Administer your tournament from any web browser. We run it, manage it, and host it. You can be up and running almost immediately. You simply put the special link we give you on your site.

  • Trivia content that best suits your website's audience!

    • Our database of over 700,000 questions in 7000 categories are available in all tournaments! We serve only the types of questions in your tournament that you want your players to see. There are two options available for defining your tournament's question pool:

      1. Select one of our pre-defined category package such as "General Knowledge", "Sports Trivia Mix", "Movie Trivia", "Baby Boomer Trivia", etc. These question pool setups offer questions suitable for many different audiences.

      2. You select questions from our database. FunTrivia has over 600,000 trivia questions categorized into 7000 categories that you can use. Using our "question pool" creation tool, you choose a set of these 7000 categories to make up your "question pool". Each day, we then choose a set of questions from your categories-of-choice to make up your daily tournament game.

      This allows a Seinfeld website or Seinfeld fans to create a Seinfeld trivia tournament or a travel website to create a tournament targetted to travellers. Do you run a Boston radio station? Our system will let you serve up questions on Massachusetts, Boston, the Red Sox, Cape Cod, and a variety of other categories. Or instead choose a "General Knowledge" package.

      You may change your category selections at any time. Click here to list our main categories (then click into a category to list other available categories. 7000 is too many to list on one page!)

    Best of all, our service is FREE! What do we get out of it? We will serve banner ads occasionally, and provide additional links to our website. We get some more visibility, and you get a great game for your website.

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