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Reds by the Numbers

Created by koz-man

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Cincinnati Reds
Reds by the Numbers game quiz
"The Cincinnati Reds first wore uniform numbers on June 26, 1932. The following quiz will cover the most popular players uniform numbers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which number was worn by Eddie Taubensee, Bip Roberts, & Sparky Anderson during their careers in Cincinnati?

2. Who was the Red that wore #5 from 1967-1983?
    Johnny Bench
    Bill Plummer
    Hal McRae
    Chris Sabo

3. This Reds reliever from 1970-1979 wore #34. Who was know as "Rubber Arm"?
    Eppa Rixey
    Pedro Borbon
    Manny Sarmiento
    Rawly Eastwick

4. Who wore a sleeveless #18 uniform from 1948-1957?
    Lee May
    Wally Post
    Ted Kluszewski
    Roy McMillan

5. #1 was the first number retired by the Reds in 1965. He won 466 games as the Reds manager from 1959-1964.
    Fred Hutchinson
    Sparky Anderson
    Bill McKechnie
    Bucky Walters

6. What number did Barry Larkin start wearing in 1988?

7. Which Reds pitcher served up Hank Aaron's 714 home run in 1974 wearing number 43?
    Ted Power
    Tom Hume
    Ron Robinson
    Jack Billingham

8. Which player wore #32 when he pitched the Reds' first perfect game on September 16, 1988?
    Tom Browning
    Jack Armstrong
    Mario Soto
    Tom Seaver

9. Eric Davis and Adam Dunn have crushed some baseballs in what number?

10. In 1938, Who pitched consecutive no-hitters wearing number 57?
    Paul Derringer
    Johnny Vander Meer
    Bill Bonham
    Frank Smith

11. What number was worn by Jose Rijo, and the Mr Red logo?

12. Whose #20 was retired by the Reds on May 22,1998, in honor of his 10 years of service with the Reds?
    Eddie Milner
    Cesar Geronimo
    Frank Robinson
    Danny Jackson

13. Randy Myers #28 and Norm Charlton #37, were 2/3 of "The Nasty Boys". Who was the other member of the 1990 Reds that wore number 49?
    Rob Murphy
    Brad "The Animal" Lesley
    Rob Dibble
    John Franco

14. What number did Chris Sabo and Aaron Boone wear while playing the hot corner in Cincinnati?

15. What pitcher wore #43 when he made his Major League debut in June 10,1944, at the age of 15?
    Bucky Walters
    Joe Nuxhall
    Elmer Riddle
    Fred Toney

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