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Your Oakland Athletics!

Created by Nightmare

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Your Oakland Athletics game quiz
"A quiz for all Oakland and baseball fans. If you liked the quiz, please rate it. Thanks for playing! :-)"

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1. They became the Oakland Athletics in 1968, after moving from which city?
    Kansas City
    They were an expansion team

2. When did the Oakland A's win their first World Series?

3. Who was the first Oakland pitcher to win 25 games in a season?
    Juan Marichal
    Jim Hunter
    Vida Blue
    Greg Pinchbeck

4. Reggie Jackson's highest season home run total in an A's uniform was how many?

5. Where did the Oakland A's first play their home games?
    Oakland Coliseum
    Candlestick Park
    Municipal Stadium
    Davis Memorial Field

6. Who was the first Oakland Athletic to hit 50 home runs in a season?
    Reggie Jackson
    Phil Rizzuto
    Orlando Cepeda
    Mark McGwire

7. What Oakland pitcher set a team record for 51 saves in a season?
    Greg Pinchbeck
    Ed Koch
    Dennis Eckersley
    Jason Isringhausen

8. Who was the first manager of the Oakland Athletics?
    Luke Appling
    Alvin Dark
    Bob Kennedy
    Dick Williams

9. Who was the first Oakland Athletic to smack 200 hits in a season?
    Miguel Tejada
    Bert Campaneris
    Al Kaline
    Connie Mack

10. Which Oakland pitcher set a team record for striking out 301 batters in a season?
    Dwight Gooden
    Nolan Ryan
    Tim Wakefield
    Vida Blue

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Compiled Jun 28 12