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Your Chicago Cubs!

Created by Nightmare

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Your Chicago Cubs game quiz
"A quiz for all Cubs and baseball fans. Thanks for playing! :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What were the Cubs called before they became the Cubs in 1903?

2. Which of the following was the first to hit .400 in a Cubs uniform?
    Rogers Hornsby
    Ernie Banks
    Heinie Zimmerman
    None listed

3. What player was ranked 2nd behind Sammy Sosa in home runs for the Cubbies in the 2002 season?
    Fred McGriff
    Alex Gonzalez
    Mark Bellhorn
    Moises Alou

4. In what year did the Cubs win their first World Series?

5. Cub slugger Sammy Sosa began his Major League career with what team?
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Texas Rangers
    Seattle Pilots
    Chicago Cubs

6. Which of the following was NOT a Cubs pitcher?
    Mordecai Brown
    Hippo Vaughn
    Ferguson Jenkins
    Greg Pinchbeck

7. What Chicago Cub set a team record by striking out 274 batters in a season?
    Tim Wakefield
    Ferguson Jenkins
    Gaylord Perry
    Ken Holtzman

8. In what year did the Cubs begin playing at Wrigley Field in Chicago?
    They always were at Wrigley

9. Which of the following helmed the Cubs for 14 seasons?
    Tom Lasorda
    Frank Chance
    Skip McBride
    Herman Franks

10. Which of the following Cubs hit more career home runs?
    Ellis Burton
    Ron Santo
    Ernie Banks
    Billy Williams

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Compiled Jun 28 12